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About Dr. Nancy Brandt


The pioneering veterinarian for Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy® (VMA) and the safe and effective u

A integrative veterinarian, a Mother and Grandmother, a friend and animal lover.  

 A network marketer reaching the top 0.1% of the company’s rank.  

The pioneering veterinarian for Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy® (VMA) and the safe and effective use of aromatherapy in animals.  

A keynote speaker, author and published writer.  

The CEO of three companies.  

The Founder of Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association and designed and teach the only RACE approved VMA® course to certify animal caregivers.  

A intuitive healer and Seraphim Blueprint Teacher.

A Life Coach Facilitator and counselor.

A avid learner, especially of Quantum Biology and Human Behavior.

Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Course


A Course in the Safe and Effective Use of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in Animals - Facilitated by Dr. Nancy Brandt, Pioneering Veterinarian in Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy(R). Course open to Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, Dog Trainers, Animal Behavior Specialists, and Animal Lovers.

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Seraphim Blueprint

Join me on your Journey


This is the most important “remedy” you can get for your pet!

The Seraphim Blueprint is an advanced system of raising one’s vibration and consciousness. It is a system for self-evolution, consisting of 11 distinct Energies, transmitted in 6 workshops (Levels I-VI). Each of the Energies enhances and builds upon the last in a sequential pattern. For animal caregivers it is essential that we keep our energy as clean as possible, our pets absorb the energies they are around. You need not have any previous training or knowledge of healing or meditation. For animal caregivers several of these 11 energies may also be utilized for healing yourself and others.

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